New Sculpture for Beaulieu

IMG_20160129_134940867_HDRThe maquette designed by Matthew Lane Sanderson for Countryside Zest and LPQ is now on view in the show house garden at Beaulieu.  If you are in Chelmsford it is well worth a visit.

The sculpture will be located at the end of the linear park as a focal point terminating the view.  At 8 meters in height it will be spectacular, but the massing of the buildings and distances involved make that scale appropriate for this piece.

Matthew has taken the theme of the historic deer park and jewellery details associated with royalty and the Tudor palace and created something very beautiful. Some of the detail of the base is still in development and its likely that the base will sit up on lions paw feet, to continue the theme and firmly link the supporting base to the rest of the piece.

As the commissioner its important for me that all the details fit with the wider scheme, the architecture, the landscaping and artworks by other artists.  The aim here is to include some poetry texts through the landscape and so some element of this will also be added to the base of this sculpture.  It’s a pleasure working with Matthew and the Countryside team on this development.