The stones have landed

Will Nash (artist) and Global Gardens (landscapers) have completed the beautiful installation of ‘Tipped Discs’ at Wickhurst Green.  The design for ‘Tipped Discs’ arose as Will investigated the archaeological reports from the site.  The idea of reflecting the remnants of early habitation appealed to his sense of the romantic, and also to the themes from the poem ‘Ozymandias’.    Shelley lived in the area and the poem speaks of a traveller from an antique land.  The tipped discs and the etched columns of the way-markers are just such references of another time.   The images etched onto the columns have a storybook quality.  The columns themselves were salvaged from St. Marks Church when it was demolished to make way for a new road.  Since then the columns have lain un-noticed in a farmers field.   Now they have a much more elegant purpose and the polished areas of stone glisten in the sun.