Milestones, Teversham

Working with years 3 and 4 children at Teversham Primary School and BewickBridge Community Primary School  the artist Charlotte Howarth introduced the children to abstraction and concentration to create delightful designs for a series of Milestones.

The abstraction came from drawing pictures of their favourite sport and then helping them to choose a small element to enlarge to create an interesting abstract element from the main picture.

The concentration came working with words and the haiku form to create sharp, smart text that adds a rhythm to the images.

There are five milestones in all, beautifully carved by Charlotte; each location chosen for ease of viewing and to create a trail around the village connecting the geographically distant areas of the parish, that is subdivided by busy roads.

Client:  Teversham Parish Council

Artist: Charlotte Howarth (Making Marks Ltd).

Commissioner and project manager:  Alison Turnbull Associates

Funding:  S106 planning obligation

Community Groups:  Teversham Primary School, Bewick Bridge Community Primary School, Cherry Kids Club

Bewickbridge frontedit