Strategies approved by the relevant council and in progress are for Bloor Homes, Countryside Zest and Linden Homes.    Working with artists and developers presents a number of opportunities and challenges:  the following strategies are currently in process, at various stages  of implementation.

  • Sible Hedingham, Premdor Site.  Client:  Bloor Homes (Eastern)
  • Constance Close, Witham.  Client Bloor Homes (Eastern)
  • ‘Finding the Path, Telling the Story’  Beaulieu, Phase One.  Client Countryside Zest
  • St. Clements, Mile End.  Client Linden Homes
  • ‘Bridging the Gap’  Wickhurst Green, Client: Countryside Properties
  • St. Lukes Park, Runwell, Client: Countryside Properties
  • SQP, London,  Client:  Berkeley Homes

The first to be completed will be the scheme at Witham, and images will be posted following installation.